Learn From: The Global Pet Expo Digital Access ‘Virtual Product Showcase’


Learn From: The Global Pet Expo Digital Access ‘Virtual Product Showcase’

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If you’re like most trade show organizers, launching and operating a robust digital experience is a new frontier. Whether you’re interested in a single digital event, a year-round solution, or both, our “Digital Success Series” provides tips and takeaways from organizers like you who have succeeded already with Balluun.


The Global Pet Expo Digital Access ‘Virtual Product Showcase’

The American Pet Products Association (AAPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) ran Global Pet Expo Digital Access in March 2021. As hosts of the industry’s premier in-person trade show, the weeklong digital event featured over 200 exhibitor companies and over 3,000 retail attendees.

As part of this Digital experience, the organizers ran a unique and successful Virtual Product Showcase to help engage the community and highlight top products in the industry.   For a $500 fee, exhibitors submitted their best qualifying products for organizer review, followed by attendee evaluation and voting. Attendees voted in real time for their favorite products and added these to their individual product ‘wishlists’ for follow up with the exhibitors. The organizers then live-streamed the announcement of the category winners and generated great engagement and exposure:

  • 1,700-attendees joined in the Virtual Product Showcase evaluation and live-stream
  • 15,000 messages were exchanged between exhibitors and attendees
  • 30,000+ “favorited” products were added to attendee wishlists
  • 200 average sales leads were generated per exhibitor


What Does This Mean for Organizers Like You?

As an organizer, you also can leverage digital platforms to launch exciting new product experiences, and drive unique connections through discovery, engagement, and reach. Consider some of the following benefits from The Global Pet Expo’s Virtual Product Showcase:

1. Create a Standalone Digital Experience

Go beyond emulating live events. Integrate attendee product discovery and exhibitor lead generation in a single digital marketplace environment. Enjoy greater flexibility and feature configuration for your own unique experiences. 

2. Empower Attendees in Uniquely Digital Ways

Take product discovery to a new level. Enable attendees to discover, review in-depth, and ‘favorite’ exhibitor products in exciting and innovative ways, driving insights and opportunities for both parties.

3. Curate Rich Digital & Interactive Content

Knowledge retention has never been more effective. Provide unique, dynamic product-specific content and expert reviews in enduring formats unachievable at a live event.


Tell Us About Your Goals

If you’re new to digital platforms, the experts at Balluun are here to help. We are strategic advisors, sharing winning ideas and practices for modern digital environments. Contact us and an experienced advisor will reach out to you directly. To experience our digital platform now, request a personalized demo.



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