What Is FlashEX™

FlashEX™ is an online "flash exhibition" solution for event organizers to quickly launch a companion online show to a live event. The platform offers a modern exhibitor directory, digital showroom, live social feed, rich exhibitor-attendee interaction features, and powerful analytics and configurability for event organizers.


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Typically exhibitors are on-boarded prior to the event (e.g. two weeks before). The site is launched on the first day of the event, and is accessible for a limited period of time post-show (e.g. for two weeks). It allows the organizer to maximize the reach and impact of the event to include audience who may not be able to attend the show.

In extraordinary situations where the live event is impacted such as during the coronavirus outbreak, show organizers can continue to offer the event online and facilitate high quality audience engagement.



Product Features

Event Module

Rich event profile, built-in integration of exhibitor data, link-based integration to live video conferencing solutions

Exhibitor Directory

Interactive with search and filters; links to profile and showroom pages

Advanced Company Profiles & Showrooms

Configurable profile fields and taxonomy; rich media types including images, videos and files

Business Networking and Messaging

Social feed with community activities, posts, and interactive features; 1:1 and group messaging

Matchmaking and Lead Tracking

Search companies based on configurable criteria; lead generation, tracking and management

Product Discovery

Content curation, brand and category based navigation, search/filter, shopping list creation

Platform Analytics

Dashboards with platform KPIs and deep-dive user behaviors


Advertising and sponsorship provisions


Fully mobile responsive website across desktops/tablets/smart phones

White-labeled and Highly Configurable

Highly configurable for branding, style, industry and user attributes, and feature behaviors


Launch Your Own Online Flash Event Today

A new site powered by FlashEX™ can be ready for exhibitor on-boarding within a week.
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