Learn more about Balluun and the different options for building an industry leading
B2B Market Network, with the following downloads.

Data Sheets

"365 Solution" Data Sheet

This data sheet summarizes Balluun's solution targeting Trade Show Organizers and Trade Associations who are looking for a digital solution to drive audience engagement 24/7/365.




"365 Community" Solution Data Sheet

365 Community is a solution package that provides interactive e-directory integrated with modern social networking functions for trade show organizers and associations. 



Domain Management System Data Sheet

Learn more about the integrated systems and tools Balluun provides to manage the full lifecycle of customers (buyers and sellers) of a marketplace domain.


Orders365 Data Sheet

Learn more about the Orders365 app, an edge app integrated with Balluun365 to allow B2B sales reps to capture orders on the go.


Leads365 Data Sheet

Learn more about the Leads365 app, an edge app integrated with Balluun365 for sellers to capture and manage sales leads.


White Papers

Launch A Digital Market Network

This white paper provides in-depth view of how Balluun helps a client launch their white-labeled market network domain with an active user base in as quick as 90 days. 




Best Practices for Driving Buyer Engagement

In this white paper, we share strategies and best practices for driving buyer engagement on B2B market networks based on first-hand experience running different marketplaces and communities across different industries.