Four Ways You Can Boost Buyer Engagement Using Your B2B Market Network


Four Ways You Can Boost Buyer Engagement Using Your B2B Market Network

B2B buyers are continuing their adoption of digital environments; Forrester predicts the global B2B online trading market will grow to $1.2 trillion by 2021. if you’re a trade show organizer or industry organization, Balluun can help you get ahead of the curve.

As B2B buyers transition to these environments, the quantity, nature, and contexts of their digital touchpoints will evolve—as will their expectations. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to drive that engagement and capture its value with your own market network.

By adopting your own market network—a digital community that facilitates these touchpoints and improves buyer and seller experiences—there are dozens of tools at your disposal to become not only a digital solution, but a B2B market destination.

Best Practices for Driving Buyer Engagement

In Balluun’s latest white paper, Best Practices for Driving Buyer Engagement in B2B Market Networks, we identify four key strategies for building long-term B2B buyer relationships using a digital community that you control. Consider these synopses, then access the full white paper for expanded insights.

Get to Know Your Buyers Using Surveys and User Research

Since you control your market network, you can access critical data and launch research projects directly to your community. Get a clear picture of what your buyers need, then act upon those insights on an ongoing basis.

In our white paper, we identify five steps and sample survey questions that help you deliver actionable results. With your own market network, you have every opportunity to leverage insights, improve buyers’ experiences, and increase their engagement with your brand—well beyond those of your competitors.

Deliver Content that Drives Buyer Engagement in Your Community

When you control the B2B community, new buyers represent more than new business—they represent opportunities to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships. With insights into the breadth of your user base, you can deliver content that contributes to their success.

Our white paper highlights value and content strategies in several key areas, including newsletters, blog content, reminders, notifications, and automated campaigns.

Use Targeted Incentives to Inspire and Revitalize Vulnerable Buyer Groups

When you have a holistic view of buyers in your community, you can quickly identify buyers who are likely to churn. Most often these are new buyers who can quickly lose interest, and lapsed buyers who have lost sight of your community’s value.

In our white paper, we highlight four ways you can incentivize your most vulnerable buyers, drive engagement, and generate more insights for future applications. When you control the community, the success of your incentives is only limited by your creativity.

Identify the Right Contexts for Buyer Engagement, Every Time

Context is just as important as the content of your engagement methods; when you control the community, you always know the right time to reach out. Improve upon the way you engage buyers before, during, and after events. You can also increase adoption of your mobile app during critical areas of the buyer journey, adding a new layer of value to your buyers’ experiences.

You need to evolve with your industry. Fortunately, you’re just a few steps away from transforming the way you engage, retain, and delight B2B buyers. Familiarize yourself with the opportunities that await you—take a few minutes to access the white paper.

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