Learn From: Wayfair's Virtual Hosted Buyer Experience on NHS Connects


Learn From: Wayfair's Virtual Hosted Buyer Experience on NHS Connects

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If you’re like most trade show organizers, launching and operating a robust digital experience is a new frontier. Whether you’re interested in a single digital event, a year-round solution, or both, our “Digital Success Series” provides tips and takeaways from organizers like you who have succeeded already with Balluun.

On April 27, 2021, industry-leading event organizer National Hardware Show (NHS) and Balluun launched NHS Connects, a year-round digital marketplace for the hardware and home improvement industry. NHS Connects is now the premier destination for retailers to virtually source products and vendors, connect with new and current suppliers, and stay informed about industry developments.

“As a mission-based Show, we are here to help the industry navigate rapidly changing global tides and offer resilience strategies that ensure success tomorrow. The 75th edition of NHS and our new year-round platform aim to power businesses with critical global insights, upcoming trends, unrivaled sourcing, and unparalleled opportunities for connection and collaboration.” Beth Casson, Event Leader, National Hardware Show (NHS) (view news source)

    As part of the year round marketplace, NHS Connects is running a Hosted Buyer Program to offer value to both VIP Buyers and exhibitors. For example, they recently executed a Hosted Buyer Program for Wayfair, a leading retailer and distributor of home and hardware products. The program included both a virtual conversation, called “Learn How to Become a Wayfair Partner” with interested exhibitors as well as a curated list of exciting new exhibitors carrying new products that Wayfair should shop. Here is how it worked:

    • Wayfair had 8 buyers from their key home and hardware categories participate in the program, and defined what types of product they were interested in seeing.
    • The organizer selected a list of “must-see” exhibitors that met Wayfair's criteria, and invited the exhibitors to participate via a fee. 
    • Wayfair buyers were then provided a private page presenting logos and links to view the curated list of showrooms and products of participating exhibitors. In addition, exhibitors were also included in a promotional emails to the buyers, to generate additional exposure.
    • During the program, Wayfair buyers virtually shopped and saw hundreds of new products from these exhibitors, as well as other exhibitors in the general marketplace.
    • The program resulted in the setup of more than 100 meetings, leading to great results for both the Wayfair buying group as well as the manufacturers of the products.


    What Does This Mean for Organizers Like You?

    Balluun’s leading, all-in-one digital platform enables organizers to create both sophisticated, standalone digital events and year-round digital environments for their attendees, exhibitors, and other key stakeholders.  Consider how the benefits NHS and Wayfair enjoyed could apply to your organization:

    1. Drive Value for Buyers with Innovative Programs

    Leverage the digital platform to create unique experiences like the session NHS Connects organizers created for Wayfair. Boost business for powerful buyers with innovative programs that attract exhibitors.

    2. Differentiate Your Experiences with Digital Capabilities

    Customize branded digital experiences via the highly configurable digital platform. Differentiate those experiences with built-in revenue generators, content features, secure data protocols, and others.

    3. Adopt New Channels for Revenue and Growth

    Use the networking and lead gen capabilities of the digital platform to create new revenue channels and deliver measurable value to customers.


    Tell Us About Your Goals

    If you’re new to digital platforms, the experts at Balluun are here to help. We are strategic advisors, sharing winning ideas and practices for modern digital environments. Contact us and an experienced advisor will reach out to you directly. To experience our digital platform now, request a personalized demo.


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