Go to consumers; don’t make them come to you!


When Willie Sutton, America’s most prolific bank robber, was asked why he robbed banks, he is reputed to have replied  "Because that’s where the money is“.

There is no doubt that today digital is impacting our life and business. Our attention is on the internet and on Social Media (you just proved it) - and that is where your commerce needs to be too. It is all about Social Commerce.

Social Commerce combines a number of features that seem uniquely suitable for digital. We therefore can expect the Social Commerce model to scale and scale fast. There are several reasons why we can expect Social Commerce to continue to resonate with sellers and buyers all over the world.

Consumers are starting to assert themselves in the form of crowed-curated product discovery, recommendations and sales. They are helping each other to discover interesting products, reviewing products for each another, evaluating their suitability for different uses and users.

This behavior is not really new. It is simply adapting what we have always done - mentioning things to our friends, sharing our finds, giving friendly advice, trading things - to a digital world.

In many ways, traditional e-commerce was an anomaly. We created a „loneliness of the long-distance shopper“. We separated out the social aspect of shopping and focused on the transactional and commercial aspect. The online catalogue experience created a solitary shopping activity, complemented perhaps with a few reviews, some star-ratings and a recommendation engine („People who bought X, also bought Y“). But it included no real immediate peer feedback, discussion and commentary. It was but a pale reflection of shopping a mall. (QuoteDr. Ian Fenwick).

Balluun 365 is Social Commerce

a new B2B channel with great emphasis on the social aspect of buying & selling.

Balluun’s multi-tenant cloud solution empowers the B2B sales & selling process with a fully integrated social architecture to guide and stimulate purchases. With Balluun 365, a deeper connection begins as retail buyers and suppliers start to interact more frequently.

Don't forget: today’s B2B buyers are socially sophisticated and informed. Your sales team must be too

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