Operating a B2B marketplace for sustained growth requires significant expertise, experience, and resources.
Balluun provides an integrated suite of tools, offering managed services to the heavy-lifting of operating the platform while you focus on your business.

Systems and Tools

In addition to feature-rich platform and apps, Balluun speeds up time to market
with a turn- key customer lifecycle management system consisting or proprietary and third party tools
to help trade show organizers to manage the daily operation of a domain.



Managed Services

More than a software system provider, Balluun also provides managed services in digital marketing, sales, customer success,
and business operations to launch and grow the domain as a digital business. We can manage the entire customer lifecycle
covering acquisition, activation, onboarding, engagement, conversion and retention.


Domain Management and Operations

We assign a domain director, along with a team of staff consisting of marketing, sales, and customer success managers, to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the domain.

Domain Marketing

We drive member acquisition, engagement, and retention through automated and personalized campaigns, combined with industry-insiders’ expertise on content and social marketing

Domain Sales

Designated ISRs sell subscriptions, advertising and other apps and value-added services

Customer Success Management

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers build 1:1 relationship with customers and to help guide them to realize the value of the platform and services.


Learn how Balluun’s managed services simplify domain operations