Revenue generation and monetization

Scale up or start something completely new

With a Balluun B2B digital marketplace, you gain the opportunity to grow your revenue in a way that’s designed to scale your business – or even start up something completely new.

And you don’t need spend big-time to be a success. We’ve got the technology and the know-how – all available to you as an easy-to-use SaaS enabled marketplace. So your industry’s community can connect, and buyers and sellers can experience the many advantages of your online B2B marketplace.

Profitable business model

Our marketing and banner advertising services ensure that you reach your audience, and build valuable membership. Balluun’s business model gives you the power to earn, by offering buyers and sellers basic or premium subscriptions, product placement and social feeds. And to expand your reach, ask about our native apps, for extended and synchronized marketplace services.

You don’t need spend big-time to grow your revenue. We’ve got the technology – available to you as an easy-to-use SaaS platform. We also offer:

  • Basic & premium subscriptions
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Pay-per social feed/product placement
  • Native apps for extended & synchronized marketplace services