Changing how markets work

Market networks, in which members of a network can transact and connect are proven to increase demand for long-tail goods and services. Balluun creates these dedicated & scalable networking environments using software as a service (SaaS) on the cloud so you don’t have to invest in costly hardware.

By integrating connections and transactions with our software, a market network makes it easier for members to operate around the clock and not miss innovations, highlights or industry trends.

Your B2B digital marketplace – powered by Balluun – can stand alone. Or be supported by a real life event, so buyers and sellers can meet face-to-face, too. With Balluun, you also gain the ability to mine interaction and behavioural data. This not only opens new business opportunities – it can also shift market shares.


Our customers rely on our market networks today to: 

  • Engage industry-specific business networks online
  • Offer e-Commerce solutions
  • Grow existing B2B Communities
  • Use digital transformation to develop new businesses and monetize
  • Consolidate large online directories into lively marketplaces
  • Launch omnichannel customer journeys 
  • Accelerate Start-up businesses