Intuitive technology as a service to grow your B2B community

Generating leads and understanding needs

The growth of B2C e-commerce has skyrocketed! B2B social e-commerce – and trend and innovation scouting – is the next important business trend. And will help you reach younger audiences, too.

But how do you keep it personal? You need an integrated sales and marketing strategy that works online and offline. Balluun’s intuitive technology tools gives you the power to generate leads, match profiles, understand customers’ needs – and keep people engaged.


Increase engagement & loyalty

Balluun builds your B2B online marketplace so your members stay connected, around the clock. Our data-driven communication, CRM and cost-effective marketing software means substantial added-value for members. For improved lead generation, engagement and loyalty.

Loyalty will also grow with regular updates on:

  • Industry news, products & trends
  • High-quality industry contacts
  • Opportunities for interaction