Become the place to be for business

With a digital marketplace powered by Balluun, your members benefit from dialogue and innovation – as your branded marketplace becomes the place to be when launching, discovering, buying and selling new products and services.

Balluun B2B digital marketplaces reinforce face-to-face events, and facilitate multichannel negotiation processes – because they make it easier to research products and trends, and do global scouting. Your single-industry marketplace also simplifies B2B buying processes, and reduces the complexity of growing global demand. You’ll also gain unique insights on all interactions between buyers & suppliers – so you can match the right buyers with the right sellers.


With Balluun365, we can quickly launch your end-to-end Marketplace-and help it become truly successful


Customer value


A vibrant marketplace requires significant knowledge, expertise and resources. More than a software provider, Balluun operates each marketplace as a true partnership: we provide managed services in digital marketing, sales, and customer success by leveraging expertise and best practices gained over the years and operating successfully B2B marketplaces across different industries.  


Together we:

  • match and connect manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers
  • enable selling and buying online 24/7
  • help sellers drive traffic, generate leads, increase orders and build brand awareness
  • help buyers find new products and brands, and make purchases easily
  • enable member interaction in real-time
  • feed the community thanks to user-generated content and relevant industry content
  • grow and develop your user base from acquisition through conversion and retention
  • target communication and marketing campaigns thanks to user activity data and 360 degree analytics




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Unlocking the full potential of B2B commerce across industries