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What is ShopToys?

What is ShopToys?

The Toy Industry’s Only B2B Digital Social Marketplace


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Powered on data-driven technology

Powered on data-driven technology, ShopToys365 creates a common platform to bridge the Toy Association’s two headlining face-to-face events.

«We know exactly what they look for, what showrooms they visit, what are the trending brands and products, who is connected with whom, what brands have the most leads and/or customers, ... and use that data in a way that can drive business for everyone - even to companies that don’t exhibit at Trade events. ShopToys365 is far more powerful in its reach than we could ever hope to achieve at the (face-to-face) show»

Marian Bossard, EVP, Global Market Events.

Business Never Stops

Business Never Stops

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Products Year-Round!

Open new accounts anytime, anywhere without time or travel restraints! Enable your team to connect with over 20,000 toy buyers representing over 50 retail channels and accounting for 90% of the $26B annual toy market

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Connect With Highly Qualified Toy Buyers Between Shows

Access the largest qualified buying network vetted by the Toy Association. Communicate year round with nearly 11,000 qualified buyers who regularly attend Toy Fair and another 9,000 from over 100 countries


Buyer Behavior has changed

Buyer Behavior has changed

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Discover New Leads

Find buyers who match your specific account criteria. View and navigate between data-rich company and individual buyer profiles to identify your most qualified leads.

Get New Orders

Buyers have all the familiar tools to shop our platform just like any other e-commerce platform! They can navigate to your company to request more information, create shopping carts and orders giving you opportunities to extend your sales reach 24/7/365.

Your Digital Showroom
A 365 end-to-end solution

Fully leverage your digital showroom: create brand and product awareness, generate leads, convert those leads into orders while growing your customer base and revenues. Be up & running on a marketplace with thousands of qualified buyers instead of spending thousands building your own and even more driving buyers to you.

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the toy industry’s only newsfeed

Shoptoys365 is the place to go if you are in the Toy industry. Discover new brands, innovative products, connect and engage with peers, strengthen your business network and grow your business to new heights.

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Why is ShopToys365 Right for Your Company?

Why is ShopToys365 Right for Your Company?


Of buyers prefer not to interact with sales people


Say buying from  a website is more convenient


Prefer to buy online


Of buyers never say they never respond to cold calls


Of B2B buyers use Social Media to be more informed about vendors

There is a gap in the sales process between B2B buyers and sellers. While the way the B2B buyer discovers new products and suppliers has changed significantly in the past 4 years, B2B suppliers have not responded to this shift.

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What is Social Selling?

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. Today this often begins via social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, then progresses through online research to face-to-face activities.

CheckShopToys365 brings all these activities together on a single platform

Social selling

Why ShopToys365?

Why ShopToys365?

Empower your sales team

Transactions are the results of connections & trusted relationships built over time. DISCOVERY, ENGAGEMENT, SALES

Toy Industry Social Network

Social networks are a key enabler of valuable connections. The one who owns the last mile to CONNECTED CUSTOMERS wins!

Linking Physical and Digital

The way we have done business in the past will not be THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS in the future: PHYSICAL & DIGITAL!

Stay Competitive

It is not WHEN or IF your competition will be part of a B2B social marketplace but rather HOW FAST. Will you be the leader or you leave this to someone else?

20,000+ Individual Toy Buyer Members

20,000+ Individual Toy Buyer Members
from 13,000 Retail Outlets In 50 Sales Channels Retailers

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