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The leading online fashion B2B social marketplace

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Customer: UBM - Fashion Group

What is shop the floor

what is shopthefloor?

An online B2B social marketplace bringing Retailers and Sellers of the fashion industry together to:




Fully equipped with comprehensive filter capabilities and a seamless ordering process, ShopTheFloor has quickly become the place to go for thousands of buyers to discover the latest products and collections from leading fashion brands, making it

The fashion place to B2B!

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I am a Modern Buyer

Brand Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

We have been a partner of Shop The Floor since 2015-2016 , and have successfully connected with new, qualified accounts via their digital platform. The team is very helpful and hands on, and the user-friendly platform has proven to be a trusted solution to building and maintaining relationships, as well as a convenient avenue to showcase our latest denim collections.


Your business never stops

Your business never stops

Don’t wait for the next trade show. Shop and buy directly from thousands of fashion wholesale vendors and brands on the ShopTheFloor marketplace.

  • Receive 24/7 access to vendor showrooms and the latest collections on one easy to use platform
  • Discover new vendors, brands and products efficiently through category, style and show filters
  • Be the first to know about exciting new fashion trends before the trade show season even begins
  • Shop until you drop and share you favorites, wish lists with your colleagues while connecting and building relationships with vendors
  • Place orders for selected products from different vendors
Shop The Floor platform

I am a Modern Buyer

I am a Modern Buyer

ShopTheFloor, one of our industry specific marketplaces, allows professional buyers to shop and place orders directly with thousands of Fashion vendors. Browsing the latest collections and keeping up with the latest fashion trends across product categories has never been so easy.

Buyers real-time access to new vendors and products is available at all times while delivering them with a unique buying experience - straightforward, intuitive and with aesthetics that speak for themselves.


I am a Modern Buyer

The buyers behavior has changed forever

The buyers behavior has changed forever

Social media for research

social media for research


75% of B2B Buyers use social media to research Vendors


first to add value

First to add value


74% of buyers chose the sales rep that was first to add value and insights

- Corporate Visions

Ineffective cold outreach

Ineffective cold outreach


90% of today’s B2B buyers never respond to cold outreach

- LinkedIn

Content as a currency

Content as a currency


95% of buyers chose a vendor that provided content to navigate each stage of the buying process

- Demand Gen Report

Buyers control the journey

Buyers control the journey


B2B buyers are 57% complete in their decision before engaging with sales


Winning vendor

Winning vendor


82% of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor

- Forrester


“The Modern Buyer is digitally driven, socially connected and mobile empowered.

Sales reps need to adapt or be replaced”.

- Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist


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