Using Big Data for professionalized lead acquisition at trade shows

Big Data has never been more important to companies and marketers, as the Freeman Data Benchmark Study, a new report from the brand experience company Freeman, recently confirmed. Data plays a critical role in all areas of corporate marketing, from the development of successful marketing strategies and trade show campaigns to targeting and lead generation. Tools such as the Balluun modules "LEAD INSIGHTS" and "SALESMATCHTM" use Big Data to help companies strategically activate leads and increase their ROI.



Data analytics are also playing an increasingly important role for trade show participations, because companies generally make major investments: the stand, employees, materials, invitation management and follow-up are all expensive. If the physical event is not eventually leading to a decent ROI, the company will be reluctant to re-book the booth for the next show. Reasons can be many and other than the event itself – for instance the data management could have been inadequate, and the lead extraction not completed. Leads can only be determined and measured if they are based on clean data and digitally driven forward after the physical event itself.

Processing of big data is the prerequisite for generating leads

What do companies need in order to generate high-quality leads at trade shows? If the trade show participation is to be successful, companies must offer far more than just a booth. Visitors expect personalized "wow" experiences as well as products and information tailored to their interests. As a first step, the collection and processing of the data should be well planned and managed using a precise CRM database. For productive follow-up and effective data management, quality tools are required to enable specific targeting and track the ROI.

Winning contacts, but above all growing and transforming them into leads and ultimately into paying customers is crucial: following-up after the event is a fundamental part of the trade show participation.

Acquiring leads with digital tools and marketplaces

In order to make the follow-up processing of the trade show as efficient as possible, Balluun offers different digital tools within its B2B marketplaces. These have been developed with the goal of generating the best possible leads for each company from the organic traffic on the platform, as well as achieving the maximum ROI. The "LEAD INSIGHTS" module offers providers on digital marketplaces a variety of opportunities to market themselves and generate high-quality leads. The module makes customer management more precise and efficient. Customers can be centrally managed in one place and leads can be monitored, tracked and converted.

The "SALESMATCHTM" matchmaking module is not only suitable for the trade show follow-up, but also makes it easier to win leads in general. The tool generates customized leads by processing complex profile data from the marketplace. The leads are based on the provider's individual business preferences and consequently guarantee a high level of accuracy.

With "LEAD INSIGHTS" and "SALESMATCHTM" Balluun is responding to the growing dependence of the market on Big Data. According to the results of the Freeman Data Benchmark study, two-thirds of marketing managers surveyed at large companies plan to even increase their investment in data analytics next year, while almost all respondents rely on data insights when it comes to budget planning. Insights are playing an increasingly important role in marketing, which is why Big Data has become the catalyst for information – information about brands, their customers and the interface between both parties. They fuel the marketing mix and provide insights that form the basis for strategic decisions in marketing and in corporate management.


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