E-commerce specialist Saigara generates high-quality customer base and achieves above-average growth in 2018

Balluun subsidiary integrates Facebook Lookalike Audience into its social-selling operations for Sanea Haushalt

The B2C specialist Saigara - a subsidiary of Balluun AG - develops and operates e-commerce and social-selling solutions. With the help of Facebook Lookalike Audiences the team was last year able to generate a high-quality customer base and above-average sales figures for its Sanea Haushalt (household) platform.

The Saigara team develops and operates a number of international online shops, including Sanea-Haushalt in the living, sports and leisure sectors. The B2C e-commerce and social-selling solutions are based on data analytics, market potential, search volume and global sourcing. Saigara's products achieve a significant increase in reach on digital marketplaces by means of precise digital targeting and efficient online marketing.

Sanea-Haushalt is an online shop for household articles and is operated by Saigara. The B2C e-commerce specialist has now announced its first figures: In the first six months since its launch, Saigara succeeded in acquiring 46,000 new customers for this shop via Facebook Lookalike Audiences. With the Facebook tool it is possible, for example, to create a precise target group for online marketing that is very similar to the existing basis of high-quality customers, and therefore brings with it strong purchasing potential.

In 2018 Saigara GmbH joined Balluun AG, the leading global provider of social e-commerce solutions on the B2B market. With this acquisition Balluun has strengthened its portfolio: the integration creates great potential for profitable growth in the B2B(2C) market.

The takeover will create positive synergies for both companies. On this subject Saigara's co-founder, Kris Bursuc, states: "Balluun's international network enables us to significantly accelerate the expansion of the market presence of our products worldwide." Balluun CEO Roger R. Müller adds: "With the integration of the Saigara team we are expanding our range of social e-commerce and social-selling solutions, while strengthening our position in the international e-commerce market."


Roger R. Müller
CEO Balluun AG
Tel +41 44 396 38 00

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