Balluun Launches MediaNEXT to Help B2B Media Companies Deeply Engage Industry-Specific Audiences


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Suite of B2B networking, marketplace, lead generation, content management, and engagement modules transform online experiences for B2B digital media publishers

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 7, 2021/ -- Balluun, the world’s leading all-in-one digital events and marketplace platform for B2B industries, announced today the launch of MediaNEXT, its next-generation digital B2B media platform for industry-specific content, marketing, and networking.

MediaNEXT arrives at a time when B2B media companies continue to address challenges to their business with the growth of digital services and impacts on advertising revenue. With MediaNEXT, B2B publishers can move beyond articles and advertising to include more enduring resources for their audiences - such as comprehensive and dynamic supplier directories, product showrooms and marketplace, educational videos/podcasts, and virtual events, among others.

“Our cloud-based solution for the B2B media industry represents the next evolutionary step for B2B media companies as they look to integrate content, marketplace, and networking experiences tailored specifically to their industry audiences and their brands,” says Deepak Gupta, CEO at Balluun. “We’re excited to extend these capabilities to such a wide variety of important publications and media entities.”

MediaNEXT offers a suite of modules including B2B marketplace, lead generation, content management, and virtual event add-ons purpose-built for B2B publications and media producers. Designed to be highly configurable, its modern, mobile-responsive platform and built-in infrastructure support subscription-based revenue models as well as digital advertising and sponsorship opportunities. In addition, the combination of marketplace, networking, and other rich user interactions with great content enables B2B media companies to deepen their understanding of audience interests and build more personalized experiences for advertisers and vendors.

“As consumers and professionals, we can no longer afford to think of our digital brand footprint as a static environment – or in the way we often think of traditional print or even legacy digital offerings,” says Ron Spink, CEO at AC Business Media. “For our organization, MediaNEXT represents an opportunity for B2B media companies like ours to meet audiences with more modern experiences, community-based interactions, and digital services that they simply can’t do without.”

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