The trade show industry is in a state of transformation: digitalization is putting trade shows under pressure by shifting some of their classic functions to the internet. Although conventional trade shows still have their place today, they need to respond to the requirements of their partners and find an answer to the demands of digitalization. Those who do not make their physical trade shows additionally available online by means of a digital counterpart will be left behind in the long term. Balluun offers a B2B solution for trade show and event organizers: the B2B-Market-Networks enable exhibitors, buyers and visitors to carry out all the relevant transactions regardless of time and place, and do so 24/7/365.


Physical trade shows need an omnichannel concept

In recent years the trade show industry has undergone fundamental changes - many organizers and exhibitors have been taken by surprise by the digital revolution. The needs of the market have changed while the move towards the digital sector is putting trade shows under pressure to act. However, contrary to the all-pessimistic forecasts trade shows still have their legitimacy. The classic benefit of trade shows lies in the face-to-face encounter of various stakeholders and the haptic live experience of seeing and testing products, services and solutions first hand. This creates trust between business partners, a factor that is rightly more important in the B2B world than in the end-customer business: B2B purchasers buy in large quantities and need to ensure the quality of their purchases. In addition, trade show organizers still see their role as coordinators of their specific industry, bringing the market together and "keeping it in shape".

So why do we need B2B-Market-Networks? On the one hand, the physical get-together is no longer sufficient. The market is always on the move and is no longer organized merely around the trade show. Product launches take place on a regular basis and the need for networking without restrictions in terms of time and space has long been there. On the other hand, the concept of "live happenings" has changed in some industries. This can be observed, for example, in the jewelry and watch industry. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on innovative corporate events, to which they invite journalists and experts from the trade. For these sectors the benefits of trade shows have been declining for years and accordingly trade shows are feeling the effects of declining exhibitor and visitor numbers, while some are even closing after 100 years of experience.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as a digital supplement

It must therefore also be possible to experience the trade show above and beyond the physical event and bring together the industry community online. Contact, interaction, networking and transactions must be possible at any time, regardless of time and place. The aim is not only to expand the trade show into the digital sector, but also to strengthen the reach and presence of its exhibitors on the market. B2B-Market-Networks are a cost-effective and time-efficient solution - a business model that combines the advantages of the classic trade show with those of SaaS technology, and makes them available in an online marketplace 24/7/365. On a single platform they enable lead generation and management, e-commerce, business networks, customer success, marketing opportunities and social selling - and therefore in the end the digital transformation.

With its B2B-Market-Networks Balluun uses SaaS solutions in order to offer optimal conditions for the digital organization of a wide range of industries, and can thus bridge the gap between physical trade shows and digital transformation. With its industry-specific market networks Balluun is the answer to the international B2B market. Wholesalers, retailers, exporters and importers as well as suppliers and purchasers can exchange business information, buy and sell online, network and contact one another directly.

Using its platform Balluun links the B2B online marketplace, on which trade show exhibitors can present their products and services in their own webshops/showrooms, with social media functionalities, advertising opportunities and transaction facilities. In this way visitors and exhibitors can interactively communicate with each other, find out about new developments, initiate product inquiries and carry out transactions from anywhere.


B2B-Market-Networks revolutionize the concept of the trade show

However, the benefits of B2B-Market-Networks go well beyond simply supplementing existing trade shows in the digital field - they offer a new business model to a wide variety of industries: linking the online community and e-commerce with the option of live events. Organizations and companies, start-ups and interest groups have the opportunity to initially concentrate on the online marketplace, successively gather the industry community on it and only then look at the question of whether the community requires a physical event such as a trade show. Accordingly the B2B event is closer to the industry right from the start and precisely meets the needs of the various stakeholders.

B2B-Market-Networks offer wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, international brands and purchasers the opportunity to communicate with each other, establish and maintain connections and do business efficiently at any time. They are the necessary digital complement to physical trade shows and at the same time the answer to all the challenges facing companies in the B2B online sector in general. They reduce the fragmentation of the customer journey and move the customer further into the focus of attention.

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