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Balluun is a social commerce platform on a mission to make B2B wholesales easy.

Our value proposition

Create industry specific business networks by connecting brands and retailers for secure 24/7/365 commerce anywhere / anytime.

Balluun launches industry specific social networks where B2B wholesale trading partners can connect and engage with each other to grow and expand their business while conducting all transactions securely on an industry relevant social commerce platform.

Balluun in cloud
  • We enable the complete B2B customer journey

    We provide a complete B2B commerce solution that meets the needs and expectations of buyers and suppliers going online / mobile, from discovery to engagement to commerce, all on a industry specific marketplace.

  • We launch the industry (market-)places to go!

    Ongoing conversations between buyers & suppliers build trust and are the strongest source of influence for commerce, making Balluun powered B2B social marketplaces the place to go for all players in an industry.

  • We connect Brands and Retailers

    We provide an easy way for B2B industry buyers and suppliers to connect and grow their business, thereby transforming traditional value chains into business value networks where hyper-connectivity and the exchange of industry relevant information is the new way of doing business.

  • We offer an ideal solution for SMBs

    Across industries where more than 80% of commerce comes from Small & Medium Businesses, we offer to large but also small companies an out-of-the-box solution for establishing their online / mobile presence while extending their industry reach and business network.

Balluun connects Buyers & Suppliers for B2B Social Commerce Anyhow, Anywhere, Anytime

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develop & expand

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Buy & Sell

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