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Balluun is the only truly integrated

The one-stop shop to launch and operate branded digital B2B marketplace:

  • state-of-the-art commerce technology developed in the Silicon Valley
  • cost-effective marketing, customer success and inside sale services

Balluun365 TM is a white-labeled B2B social e-commerce platform to grow and engage your business network in a trusted B2B environment with a scalable, highly configurable and cloud-based solution intuitive to use, multilingual, responsive and mobile.


The one-stop shop to launch and operate branded digital B2B marketplace:

A true partnership: Balluun365 TM makes it quick to launch your end-to-end marketplace and help you to make it a business success.




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User Experience

A vibrant marketplace requires significant knowledge, expertise and resources. More than a software provider, Balluun operates each domain as a true partnership: we provide managed services in digital marketing, sales, and customer success by leveraging expertise and best practices gained over the years and operating successfully B2B marketplaces across different industries.  

Together we:

  • match and connect manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers
  • enable selling and buying online 24/7
  • help sellers drive traffic, generate leads, increase orders and build brand awareness
  • help buyers find new products and brands, and make purchases easily
  • enable member interaction in real-time
  • feed the community thanks to user-generated content and relevant industry content
  • grow and develop your user base from acquisition through conversion and retention
  • target communication and marketing campaigns thanks to user activity data and 360 degree analytics

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Solution Packaging

Our solution comes in two packages. The Platform Bundle provides all products and ongoing support and services. The Full-Service Bundle includes everything in the Platform Bundle, as well as all managed services to launch and operate the domain.



White-labeled SaaS platform Balluun365 TM and ongoing support services:
  • Feature rich white-labeled web platform for sellers, buyers, and admin
  • White-labeled mobile app for seller and buyer
  • Membership and subscription management
  • Platform and operational analytics
  • Cloud hosting and release management
  • Technical support
  • Access to knowledge base and training materials
  • Access to collateral templates and assets
  • Domain configuration and setup
  • Platform Premium subscription (configurable feature packaging)
  • Advertising on platform
  • Edge App: Orders365 (order-entry app for sales reps)
  • Edge App: Leads365 (leads retrieval app on or off events)
  • Native branded App of your domain
Managed Services for domain launch, growth and monetization
  • Domain launch planning and execution
  • Digital marketing for products, user acquisition and retention
  • Sales covering all revenue channels
  • Inside Sales and Customer Success Services for acquisition, conversion and retention

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