Balluun connects Buyers & Suppliers with B2B Social E-Commerce Anyhow, Anywhere, Anytime.


Our Vision

Powering the Future of Business Networks

To evolve B2B commerce while driving digital transformation.

Our Mission

Balluun shapes high-quality business networks worldwide and empowers trading 24/7/365, enabling high-end digital, industry-specific marketplaces, real-time discovery, social engagement and state of the art e-commerce technologies combined with cost-effective marketing, inside sales and customer success services.


Balluun is the leading provider of B2B social e-commerce worldwide. Since 2012 we have been promoting B2B marketplaces around the world 24/7/365 by launching industry-specific digital marketplaces which directly connect wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, brands, products and purchasers.

Our platform allows trade-show organizers and trade associations to easily and cost-effectively create and scale their own digital marketplaces. This enables them to expand their business by engaging their industry-specific audiences digitally. Our partnership model allows these organizations to build a competitive advantage with low investment costs and a high revenue share opportunity.

From our headquarters in Zürich to our development center in Silicon Valley and our offices in New York, London, Lausanne, and Hong Kong we empower business-to-business communities, commerce and services worldwide. We do so by providing patented and established technologies, an open and scalable Cloud solution, as well as efficient marketing, sales and customer success services. With its three-tier system, a lively social community, a dedicated digital showroom and a state-of- the-art transaction level,

“Balluun365” is significantly different to other linear e-commerce solutions.

Balluun Team


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