Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

Balluun understands the term Corporate Governance as relating to the principles of responsible corporate management based on the interests of all the stakeholders. While safeguarding decision-making capability and efficiency, the aim is to achieve a balance between entrepreneurial activity and transparent reporting. The principles and rules of Corporate Governance are laid down in the articles of association and in the organizational regulations of Balluun AG.


Board of Directors

Ariel Lüdi, Chairman
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hencke, Vice-Chairman
Mike Alic, Member
Linda Davey, Member

Walter Knabenhans, Member
Roland Kümin, Member

Executive Management Team

Roland Kuemin

Roland Kuemin

Member of Board of Directors

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Chief Operating Officer


The auditors have been Ernst & Young AG, Zurich, since the 2014 financial year. They are elected annually by the General Meeting. The lead auditor, Martin Mattes, has been in office since the 2014 financial year.



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