From Silicon Valley start-up to leading B2B network provider

When we began Balluun back in 2012, we were a young and optimistic Silicon Valley start-up with a pioneering idea. Trade shows could be more than just a physical event and connect their members year round. Our omni-channel business model offered new and efficient ways for companies to increase and improve their B2B commerce – in a closed and secure online world. So, business could continue after the trade show ended.


The spirit to fly high

We called our cloud-based solution Balluun – because we knew it had the power to help businesses soar high. Today Balluun is headquartered in Zurich – with our development center in Silicon Valley, and offices in Zürich, New York, London and Hong Kong. To keep up with the times, we’ve had to reinvent ourselves – so it’s only natural that today’s solutions have grown, too. But we’ve still got that pioneering spirit!

In fact, you could even say we are passionate about digital transformations. It’s a quality we’re proud to share with our clients and partners – as we work together to find the optimal omni-channel innovations that will help their business thrive.





Pioneer in online platforms for
growing business networks since 2012





Because digital transformation isn't difficult to implement
and add substantial value to your product

A diverse team of experts

We believe, when people from different backgrounds and disciplines work together, innovation and productivity skyrockets. The diverse types of men and women who make up our global team are each experts in their fields. And have a natural curiosity that brings them together – in a quest to find fresh ideas that are worth focusing on and expanding to improve the product and the services.


Core values that connect

Enthusiasm, excellence, innovation, accountability and efficiency.

We may come from different backgrounds, but everyone at Balluun is connected by these five core values. We work as a team to produce and deliver everything we promise – and are constantly looking for the more efficient ways to develop the Balluun e-platform, so our clients benefit – and we remain a leading worldwide provider of B2B market networks.